The Secretariat of the ASCCA carries out its activities in conjunction with the structural units of the Academy, the bodies included in the system of the Committee and relevant state bodies. For this purpose, the Secretariat of the Academy:

·         ensures the conduct of clerical and archival work in the academy in accordance with the law, supervises the organization of this work in other departments;

·         organizes the protection of state secrets, compliance with the confidentiality regime and confidential clerical work at the academy, carries out departmental control over the protection of state secrets;

·         organizes the reception of citizens at the academy;

·         ensures compliance with the legislation in the activities of the academy;

·         represents the legitimate interests of the academy in court or other bodies when needed;

·         conducts legal analysis; participates in the development of draft orders and decrees of the academy and draft normative-legal acts of the state customs committee;

·         maintains personnel records and organizes the preparation of personal files;

·         prepares orders on employment, dismissal and transfer of employees and prepares documents in accordance with the relevant labor legislation;

·         operates in other areas defined by the legislation.