Bachelor's degree in International Trade and Logistics

Bachelor's degree in International Trade and Logistics

A student majoring in international trade and logistics studies the fundamental subjects of economics in the first two years of study. He also masters subjects related to international business and logistics.

The aim of the International Trade and Logistics specialty of the Academy is to educate professionals who are equipped with basic principles, strategies, functions, and the techniques of international trade and logistics.

The interdisciplinary nature of the program prepares students as future professionals who can function effectively in the dynamic and complex environment of the local and global marketplace.

The International Trade and Logistics program equips the students with a rich and solid background in the disciplines of marketing, economics, finance, and marketing in addition to specialization courses in international business.

The grading system is standard for all classes. To complete a bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Logistics, each student should pass from compulsory internship and diploma project defense. All subjects including compulsory internship and diploma projects are evaluated through 100 points scale.