Theses & Papers

Theses & Papers

At the Academy, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are granted upon the completion and successful defense of the diploma thesis.

Diploma theses reflect the excellence of the student’s abilities and knowledge since it is the culmination of a student’s pursuit of a degree program. The formatting and the language usage of the graduation work are as important as its content. Students are therefore expected to make every effort to ensure correct language usage and to make certain that the formatting meets the requirements.

Students may select the topics of their theses following the procedures and deadlines prescribed for a given academic program. Before choosing or refining their topic, students must discuss it with their potential supervisor. Supervisors are specialists in a relevant field for the thesis topic and possess special knowledge and experience in the chosen subject. Thesis supervisors also consult students on how to choose the appropriate research methodology and how to use literature and other resources. 

Below are some of the theses' titles written by undergraduate and graduate students of the Academy in the 2019/2020 academic year. 

Master’s degree theses

International Law

  • International legal aspects of the cooperation of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the World Customs Organization
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of international cooperation in the fight against smuggling
  • Legal regulation of trade facilitation in the framework of international cooperation
  • The impact of EU Customs law on the activities of Customs authorities in Azerbaijan


  • Customs regulation of cargo transportation in the system of international transit corridors
  • Study of the impact of economic crises on Customs regulation of foreign economic activity in Azerbaijan
  • The role of the application of electronic declaration of goods in increasing the efficiency of foreign economic activity
  • The role of improving the elements of fiscal policy in the formation of the state budget
  • Improving the mechanism of currency control in import-export operations

Bachelor’s degree theses


  • Legal, technical and organizational aspects of the use of artificial intelligence systems in Customs activities
  • International legal basis for the implementation of non-tariff measures (trade policy measures)
  • Customs regulation of the World Trade Organization and customs legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan: A comparative analysis
  • Legal regulation of social protection of Customs officers
  • The main areas of cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union: Improving Customs legislation
  • Prospects for cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan with the WCO and WTO in the field of Customs


  • Aspects of customs policy in stimulating foreign investment
  • Impact of the “One Belt One Road” initiative on Azerbaijan's foreign economic activity and the role of Customs authorities
  • The role of the Customs system in promoting the global branding of Azerbaijani products
  • The role of Customs operations in improving the Logistics Performance Index
  • Customs aspects of sustainable economic development
  • The role of blockchain technology in international trade and customs