Azerbaijan Customs Academy (ACA) envisages to make the best use of the EU’s education, training, research and capacity building instruments for the students, staff, and the Customs Service Personnel, where relevant. In all its current and future partnership agendas with the European higher education institutions (HEIs), cooperation in the framework of the Erasmus+program is a special and separate priority. The key Erasmus+ actions that the Academy aims to materialize are presented below.

     1. Ke
y Action (KA1) - Learning mobility of individuals

Under the KA1, the ACA aims to promote the academic mobility of its bachelor and master’s degree students, as well as the staff’s mobility. 

The students’ mobility consists of the following types: 

  • Study mobility: students enroll in academic studies at the partner HEIs (min. 3 months, max. 12 months).
  • Traineeship for students: work placements and internships are possible and recommended for students throughout their academic studies at the European HEIs (duration: min. 2 months, max. 12 months).

The staff mobility consists of the following types:

  • Teaching: faculty members can hold teaching periods at the partner HEIs
  • Training: this is for the teaching and non-teaching staff’s professional development, and for the Academy’s institutional development

     2. Key Action (KA2) – Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices

Under the KA2, the ACA aims at the modernization and internationalization of the institution and its training, teaching and learning systems; improvement/updating of the existing and development of the new academic curricula matching with international standards and labour market demands; and modernize the service areas of the Academy, all in line with the best European practices.

In that regard, the ACA prioritizes to benefit from the Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) program, by developing and joining the national and multi-country joint projects/consortia and partnerships for capacity building for the afore-mentioned purposes.

     3. Jean Monnet Activities

Improving the EU studies at the ACA is an important agenda point of the institution. For this purpose, the ACA aims to benefit from the Jean Monnet Activities, out of which the following are prioritized:

  • Modules
  • Centers of Excellence

In line with these two priority directions, the institution is open for cooperation and partnership requests from the European HEIs and other entities, as well as for joint project proposal development and implementation. 

For initiating contacts, see the right-hand corner of the website to use the General inquiries, and to send specific cooperation and partnership proposals, use the Partnership request (requires sign-in via an email address), please.