Virtual and Traditional Welcome for the New Students

Virtual and Traditional Welcome for the New Students

Customs Academy organized five face-to-face meetings, as well as an online meeting with the students who are newly admitted to the Academy. An online meeting enabled first-year students who are not able to visit the Academy due to the current situation in the country to have a virtual orientation event.

The main purpose of the meetings was to acquaint new students with the Academy, the teaching process, and the organization of full-time and/or online classes; inform them about the Microsoft TEAMS program and to provide new students with a comprehensive student onboarding experience. The orientation meetings included activities aimed at familiarizing students with the Academy’s main facilities and the services it provides.

The traditional meetings were organized in accordance with all the recommended sanitary-epidemiological conditions related the pandemic situation in the country. The meetings are mainly in the open air and the social distance was ensured between students.


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