Online meeting with the teaching staff of the Customs Academy

Online meeting with the teaching staff of the Customs Academy

The rector of the Academy of the State Customs Committee Gulu Novruzov held an online meeting with the teaching staff who will teach various subjects at the Academy in the 2020/2021 academic year. Welcoming the faculty, Gulu Novruzov said that this meeting has been traditionally held at the Academy for the second year. The head of the Academy spoke about the work done by the state to protect the health of the country's citizens during the pandemic and to bring citizens out of the pandemic with less damage. Speaking about the important measures taken by President Ilham Aliyev for this purpose, he also touched upon the successful and purposeful activity of First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva in this field.

Touching upon the issues of online education at the Academy during the pandemic, Gulu Novruzov said that this process was carried out properly. “We have experience in the online teaching process. From the beginning of March, the Academy became one of the two higher education institutions that switched to online teaching when it was decided to suspend full-time education and resume online education. Despite the difficulties in terms of technical, organizational, management of the educational process, we have become one of the most successful higher education institutions in the country," said the head of the Academy. He also said that the online exams, including the thesis defenses, are perfectly organized.

Emphasizing that international cooperation is a priority, Gulu Novruzov spoke about the cooperation established with a number of foreign universities during the pandemic, noting that agreements were signed. He spoke about the participation of the Academy in the project within a joint consortium with universities in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Germany within the Erasmus + program. He said that in the coming years, it is planned to implement double and joint degree programs and organize teaching in English.

Speaking about the work done at the Academy over the past two years, Gulu Novruzov said that admission to the specialty "Information Security" started last year and this year a new specialty "International Trade and Logistics" was added. Noting that there are currently four specialties at the bachelor's level, the head of the Academy noted that the opening of new specialties has affected the growth of the number of students and thus the number of teachers. At the same time, he stressed that Azerbaijani scientists who have teaching experience in foreign universities are involved in teaching at the Academy this academic year.

Speaking about the extensive opportunities of the library, the head of the Academy said that teachers, including staff and students, have the opportunity to benefit from the library. Gulu Novruzov mentioned that the Academy is preparing for both online and face-to-face education. He also stressed the importance of teachers in the future life of students, the educational process, and the importance of their activities in this direction. He wished them success in their pedagogical activities.