The specialty "International Trade and Logistics" at the Customs Academy creates new opportunities for applicants

The specialty "International Trade and Logistics" at the Customs Academy creates new opportunities for applicants

From the 2020/2021 academic year, admission to the specialty "International Trade and Logistics" is carried out at the Academy of the State Customs Committee. Answering a question about the specialty, Elvin Alirzayev, head of the Department of Specialty Subjects at the Academy, said that every student studying in this specialty will learn the basic subjects of economics in the first two years of the educational process. "Students will also acquire the necessary scientific and practical knowledge by mastering subjects directly related to international business and logistics, such as international trade, international logistics, international business, international trade law, international transport operations. In addition, subjects such as organization and management of customs, customs control, and clearance, customs tariff regulation of foreign economic activity, customs logistics, customs expertise will be taught to gain sufficient knowledge in the field of customs, which is a key link in international trade and logistics. At the same time, in order to fully understand the developing global economy, it is planned to teach new subjects such as e-commerce, as well as international economic organizations involved in international trade, international marketing, risk management, and insurance," said Elvin Alirzayev.

Noting that students will be intensively taught practical and specialty English in the first two years, the head of the department said that the subject "Career Planning" will be taught to students majoring in this specialty, which will help students build their careers from the first year. "In addition, students will have the opportunity to have long-term or intensive internships in the customs authorities," said the head of the department.

He also said that from the first years of the educational process, students will be taught theoretical and practical skills in career planning, as well as soft and hard skills: "Every successful graduate will have an international knowledge of economics, business, trade and logistics, as well as the ability to accurately analyze the processes taking place in the country and the global economy. Graduates will possess the necessary knowledge and skills in starting and developing a business, building a global brand, as well as becoming a specialist who can fully perform customs operations".

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