Students of the Academy graduate from International programme of Shanghai Customs College

Students of the Academy graduate from International programme of Shanghai Customs College

Three students of the Academy of  the State Customs Committee (ASCCA) – Muradli Kamran – a second course student of Economics , Muqumova Elmira- a third course student of International Trade and Logistics and Anar Imanov a second course student of International Trade and Logistics participated in international virtual education program of the Chinese Customs College  in the fall semester of 2022-2023 academic year and graduated with high marks. The selected students were accepted by Shanghai Customs College (SCC) and studied in an international online program for one semester.

 At the end of the semester, the  closing ceremony of the program was held in online format. Speaking at the event, the president of Shanghai Customs College, prof. Cong Yuhao welcomed the program participants and talked about the importance of the program. He emphasized the possibility of holding the program in the traditional format in Shanghai in the near future, and expressed his gratitude to the partner higher education institutions, including Academy of the State Customs Committee. One of the graduates,  Elmira Mugumova, spoke in Chinese and English and expressed her impressions of the program.

The international education program implemented during  September-December 2022, covered eight subjects - International Customs Management, Tariff technologies, Modern Logistics, Cross-border e-commerce law, Chinese language, Chinese customs management, Intercultural business communication and Principles of Economy. The program is materialized through the VooV platform.

Established in 1908, Shanghai Customs College is an educational institution of the General Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China, the responsible institution for strengthening the human resources of the China Customs Service in the Belt and Road Initiative, and as well as the World Customs Organization (WCO) Asia-Pacific Regional Training Center (RTC).

The cooperation established in 2020 between the Academy and Shangai Customs College which has the status of WCO RTC, resulted in the signing of a cooperation agreement in 2021. Within the framework of the agreement, which also covers the implementation of exchanges and joint programs, SCC and ASCCA agreed on the mutual participation of students in joint international training programs. The mentioned program is an  international distance education opportunity organized by ASCCA  for students within the framework of cooperation with SCC.

It should be noted that the  Academy of the State Customs Committee organized a special educational program for 11 students of the SSC in the fall semester of the current academic year. Through the international cooperation , it is  planned to expand the access of students to these programs in the future.