ASCCA holds a training on improving Communication skills

ASCCA holds a training on improving Communication skills

According to the relevant order of the first deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee, acting chairman Shahin Baghirov, a training on "Improving communication skills and working with people " was held for customs officers. A total of 23 customs employees from relevant institutions included in the structure of the State Customs Committee participated in the  training.   

The training was aimed at providing high customs service to citizens and foreigners. It was conducted by Elkhan Beylar, Doctor of Psychological Sciences ,the head of the Department of Psychology and Special Education of the Education Institute of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the opening part of the event,  the head of the Academy of the State Customs Committee, the Major General of the Customs Service, Gulu Novruzov, greeted the participants and informed that complex measures have been taken in order to improve the level of service by the customs authorities. Novruzov also spoke about the electronic services provided by the State Customs Committee.  He also noted that the training will play an important role in improving the knowledge and skills of the customs officers. The head of the Academy advised the participants to benefit from the training and wished them success.           

In the training, participants were given detailed information about verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication, communicative barriers and ways to overcome them, stress and its management, conflict - conflict prevention, management and conflict avoidance.