ASCCA holds a training on " Using and publishing Academic Databases"

ASCCA holds a training on " Using and publishing Academic Databases"

A training on "Using and publishing academic databases" was held at the Academy of the State Customs Committee.The seminar was organized by the Scientific Library of Baku State University (BSU) within the framework of  Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium (Az.LIC). It was conducted by Nigar Ismayilova, director of the Scientific Library of BSU, Jamila Yusifova, head of  Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium, representative of EIFL. net and EBSCO for Azerbaijan, and Iltifat Ibrahimov, the leading specialist of the Department of Main Systems and Integration of ADA University, the "Open Access" coordinator of EIFL.net.

The deputy head of the Academy, Jamila Namazova, made an opening speech and talked about the continuous cooperation of the Academy with EBSCO, the largest aggregator of scientific and information resources of the world's leading publishers .She spoke about the conditions created for users in the library, and stressed the importance of using  resources of international publishers in the formation of a digital library-information environment.

Nigar Ismayilova, director of Scientific Library of Baku State University presented on the topic of  "Cooperation of Az.LIC with academic libraries" and noted that the institution she represents has a special role in establishing cooperation between prestigious international organizations, publishers and university libraries.

Jamila Yusifova, a representative of EBSCO for Azerbaijan, spoke on "Interactive search on the EBSCOhost platform"and gave information on EIFL. net international consortium services, and the usage of   special academic magazines, books, newspaper packages prepared in various fields of science and education.

Iltifat Ibrahimov, the leading specialist of ADA University, gave detailed information about the publication of articles in academic databases and the services of EIFL.net.

It should be noted that the library of the Academy is a member of Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium since 2019.

The Academy is subscribed to the electronic database of "EBSCOhost" publishing house through the consortium. Within subscription period, the database containing 11,000 journals with 8,516 reviews, including journals in various fields, more than 2,700 books and brochures, 510 newspaper sources, and their digital archives are open in electronic form to the staff of the Academy.