ASCCA students attend the 'Open Door Day' organized in the Prosecutor General’s Office

ASCCA students attend the 'Open Door Day' organized in the Prosecutor General’s Office

Taking into account the interest of young lawyers in the activities of law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's offices 'Open door day' has been organized by the General Prosecutor's Office.

The event aiming to inform young lawyers about the working conditions of prosecutor's office staff, criminalistic techniques in use, as well as the history of the prosecutor's office, was held in the administrative building of the General Anti-Corruption Department under the Prosecutor General and attended by ASCCA students majoring in Law, as well as students of law faculties of other higher educational institutions.

The guests were briefed on the series of events organized in the prosecutor's office, work carried out according to the advanced international experience in combating corruption, as well as the legal-institutional reforms implemented in the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the event, the representatives of the Anti-Corruption General Directorate with the Prosecutor General

made a comprehensive presentation about the activities of relevant departments.

The event featured the screening of a short film 'My Parent's Profession' on the lifestyle and daily routine of a prosecutor, which is a difficult, difficult and honourable profession.

The young lawyers familiarized themselves with the administrative building as well as criminalistic equipment and found answers to their intriguing questions regarding the activities of the prosecution offices.