Training on "Operation of technical control facilities and safety rules" was held at the Customs Academy

Training on "Operation of technical control facilities and safety rules" was held at the Customs Academy

On July 07-08, 2022, a training on the topic "Operation and safety rules of technical control facilities" was held at the Academy of the State Customs Committee. Totally 32 customs employees of relevant institutions included in the structure of the State Customs Committee participated in the in-service training organized for the officials of customs authorities operating at customs border checkpoints. The training, held in order to increase the professional knowledge and skills of customs employees, as well as to ensure the improvement of their professional level, was presented by Boyukagha Shafiyev, the inspector of the department for application of scanning and technical control facilities of Customs Operations Regulatory Office of the General Department of Organization of Customs Control and Trade Facilitation of SCC.

Speaking at the opening part of the training, the head of the Academy of the State Customs Committee, major general of the customs service, Gulu Novruzov, greeted the event participants and touched upon the importance of the training conducted in order to obtain important information on the use of technical control tools. Gulu Novruzov noted that the system of applying technical control tools is one of the main priority areas in the improvement of customs control and emphasized that a number of trainings related to the customs control facilities have been organized at the Academy in recent years. Noting that the training will play an important role in increasing the knowledge and skills of the customs officers, Gulu Novruzov advised the participants to learn the topics deeply and benefit from the training to the maximum extent, and wished success to the participants of the event.

During the ongoing 2-day trainings based on the practical exercises, the detailed information on "Ionscan 400B", "Sabre 4000" identification technical control tool, "CT-40" set of inspection tools (Buster, Videoscope, Viewing mirror, Laser distance meter, inspection shovels, etc.), "HI-PE Plus" multi-zone metal detector and "PD140" hand-held metal detectors operation and safety guidelines were given to the training participants.

At the end, the process of evaluating the knowledge of the training participants was conducted.