The defense of graduation and master's theses was held at the Customs Academy

The defense of graduation and master's theses was held at the Customs Academy

In the 2021/2022 academic year the defense of graduation theses for the students of "Jurisprudence" and "Economics" majors, who completed their bachelor's studies, as well as, the defense of the master's dissertations for the students of the "Criminal law, criminal process, criminology and forensic examination" and "Customs work" specializations, were held in the Academy of the State Customs Committee. 

The defense proceedings organized at the Academy of the State Customs Committee were conducted under the chairmanship of Asgar Abdullayev, deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee majoring in "Jurisprudence", customs service lieutenant general, Chairman of the Congress of World Azerbaijanis majoring in "Economics", Head of the Trade and Customs Affairs Department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), Doctor of Economics, Prof. Arif Shekaraliyev, Head of the UNESCO Department of Human Rights and Information Law of Baku State University specializing in "Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology and Forensic Examination", Doctor of Laws, prof. Amir Aliyev and IgbaI Babayev, Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Major General of the Customs Service, specializing in "Customs work".

The head of the Academy, customs service major-general Gulu Novruzov, who spoke at the defense sessions for the relevant specialties, welcomed the commission staff and emphasized that the Academy awarded its 4th bachelor's and 2nd master's degrees in the current academic year. The head of the Academy, Gulu Novruzov, wished the Commission and the Scientific Council success in their work after presenting to the participants' attention the statistical and informative data of the defense process.

The chairmen of the commission and the specialized Scientific council also spoke at the meetings and conveyed their good wishes to the students participating in the defense.

Then, in accordance with the topics of their graduation and dissertation works, students delivered presentations containing research and analysis in various fields before both the State Attestation Commission and the specialized Scientific Council, and then they responded to the questions of the commission and council’s members. 

Speaking at the end of the defense process, the head of the Academy, Gulu Novruzov, congratulated the graduates who successfully completed their defense and emphasized that their last two academic years were even more memorable due to the fact that our country achieved the status of winner in the 44-day Patriotic War. The head of the academy, expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the organization of the defense process, as well as to the parents and teachers who raised them, along with the graduates and wished that the spirit of victory would always live in the lives of young people and that the sense of duty to the souls of our martyrs would never leave them. Gulu Novruzov wished the young people to achieve greater success in their future endeavors by always upholding the name of the special purpose higher education institution they studied.

The chairmen and members of the commission expressed their gratitude to the Academy management for the defense process organized at a high level, and wished the graduates continued success in their future endeavors.

The graduates, in their turn, expressed their gratitude to the Academy's management and academic-teaching staff for all the conditions that were created for them during their studies.