ASCCA participates in the training week held in Poland within the framework of the Erasmus+ project

ASCCA participates in the training week held in Poland within the framework of the Erasmus+ project


The Academy of the State Customs Committee (ASCCA) was represented in the "CRASP model of the Conference of  Rectors of Higher Schools in Poland" training organized in the Republic of Poland on June 27-July 1 within the framework of the Erasmus+ project "Establishment of the Azerbaijan Rectors' Conference".


Adviser to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, rectors of Azerbaijan Universities, who are members of the project consortium, representatives of authorities, along with representatives of the Magna Charta Supervisory Council and the Hungarian Rectors' Conference as well as ,  Islam Huseynov, head of the department of Educational and Methodological work organization of the Academy of the State Customs Committee, and Leyla Najafova, specialist in International cooperation of the Academy,  participated  at the trainings organized in Warsaw and Krakow, Poland.


Piotr Wachowiak, rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, made  an introductory speech, welcomed the guests and made a broad presentation about the university. Later, the rector spoke in detail about the benefits of joining the Polish Rectors' Conference for the university and the Warsaw Conference of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions.


Mr. Arkadiusz Mezyk, the president of the Polish Rectors' Conference, welcomed the Azerbaijani delegation on behalf of the Conference and expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation.


Mr. Arkadiusz Mezyk, touching on the important points related to the creation of the conference, informed the meeting participants in detail about the main activities of the conference, the decision-making process, the permanent staff, as well as the duties of the conference secretariat.


Arkadiusz Mezyk spoke about the contributions of the Conference to the Polish higher education system since its inception, the proposals made in the direction of quality improvement and the successes achieved.


Later, Rudolf Smolarczyk, the head of the Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia department of the German Rectors' Conference spoke about the importance of the event and gave extensive information to the participants about the main goals of the German Rectors' Conference, the composition of its members, structure, and management.


Within the framework of the training week, a number of meetings were also held at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland, as well as at the University of Science and Technology located in Krakow. Mr. Tomasz Rzymkovski, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Poland, Mr. Nargiz Gurbanova, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Poland, representatives of the conference and members of the project consortium participated at the meeting organized in the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland in order to further develop the cooperation in education and research between Azerbaijan and Poland, especially to increase the opportunities for exchange, and to implement joint projects.


 Speaking at the event, Mr. Tomasz Rzymkovski, Deputy Minister, emphasized that there are close relations between the two countries and they are continuing successfully. He  expressed satisfaction with the discussion of new directions of cooperation, the joint implementation of new projects, and expressed their high support for these works.


Following the event, Ambassador Nargiz Gurbanova talked about the work done in the field of education in Poland and planned activities.


Nijat Mammadli, adviser to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, informed that the cooperation with Poland within the framework of the project has expanded further and that Polish experience will be useful in the project.


In the end, the coordinator of the project Gulshan Bayramova talked about the contributions of the Polish Rectors' Conference in the successful implementation of the project and learning of experiences.


 It should be noted that the ECAR project of the Erasmus + program in the field of "Capacity Building in Higher Education" is implemented under the coordination of Baku Business University and with the financial support of the European Commission.


The implementation period of the project is three years.


 The partnership of the Academy of the State Customs Committee in the project was evaluated and accepted by the project consortium and the European Commission in 2021, and the Academy's participation in the project began in February 2022.