ASCCA holds an educational seminar "Let's say no to white death!"

ASCCA holds an educational seminar "Let's say no to white death!"

An educational seminar, "Let's say no to white death!" was held at the Academy of the State Customs Committee. The event aimed at educating young people about the problems and complications caused by drugs and psychotropic substances and promoting a healthy lifestyle among them was attended by staff and students. 

Speaking at the event, Islam Huseynov, head of the Department of educational-methodical work of the Academy, spoke about the negative consequences of drug addiction and stressed the importance of awareness-raising, propaganda and prevention in the fight against drugs. Islam Huseynov emphasized the influential work of customs authorities in strengthening the fight against drug trafficking in recent years as a result of the successful policy of the country. Noting the fact that our occupied territories by the enemy for 30 years have become the most significant transit point for drugs, Islam Huseynov said that, as a result of the victory of the 44-day Patriotic War in 2020 and the liberation of our territories under the leadership of Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, such harmful activities of the enemy were prevented.Mentioning the fact that one of the main goals of the Academy is to train highly qualified specialists, as well as patriotic individuals with cultural and spiritual values, Islam Huseynov advised students to work hard and develop themselves to be worthy citizens and do good deeds.

Then, Sabira Alishova, a staff member of the Medical Department of the Academy, made a detailed presentation, stating that drug addiction is one of the main factors that seriously damage the moral and ethical values of society and pose a big threat to human life and health. She spoke about the destructive effects of drugs on the human body, the damage to society and human health, and the social issues they caused and informed the participants about promoting a healthy lifestyle. At the end of her speech, Sabira Alishova called on young people to be careful and stay away from addictive, destructive and harmful influences.

The event also featured an educational video on the harmful effects of drug abuse.