"Star Wars" - II Internal Debate Tournament

"Star Wars" - II Internal Debate Tournament

The Debate Club operating under the Student Youth Organization of ASCCA hosted the second internal debate tournament "Star Wars" dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the customs authorities of Azerbaijan and the 10th anniversary of the Academy of the State Customs Committee.

In the tournament on "The role of third parties is effective in resolving international conflicts" with the organizational support of the Public Union "Debate in Civil Society" and the National Debate Program, the debaters voiced interesting facts and arguments on the topic. In the final stage of the debate, the teams "Legend of Customs" in the affirmative position and "El Diablo" in the negative position faced each other and competed for the cup.

At the end of the stiff competition, the team "El Diablo" was awarded the trophy as the champion of the tournament.