A series of Meetings of ASCCA executives with students

A series of Meetings of ASCCA executives with students

On April 8, the meetings of the executives of the Academy of the State Customs Committee with students of relevant major  groups ended.

The meetings were organized to  discuss current issues of concern to students, as well as to identify future steps to further improvement of  the quality of the educational process. Questions and suggestions on the objective and subjective difficulties faced by students, teaching and examination sessions, social activities, study abroad opportunities and other topics were discussed at the meetings.

At the final meeting, the head of the Academy, Major General of the Customs Service Gulu Novruzov spoke about the importance and results of the meetings and shared his views on the topics discussed.

G. Novruzov noted that the main goal of the Academy is to create a perfect educational environment and train highly qualified professionals in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and loyal to the state .He advised students to pay more attention to science, education and research skills.

He also encouraged  students to take a more active part in the social activities of the Academy. Gulu Novruzov advised young people to do their best  for the development of our country and to mobilize all their forces in this direction.

At the end, the head of the Academy evaluated the problems and suggestions of the students at the meetings and gave relevant instructions to the executives to take measures in this regard.