ASCCA executives meet students

ASCCA executives meet students

On April 4, the executives of the Academy of the State Customs Committee started meeting with students of relevant major groups. A series of meetings are held with the participation of the Academy's management, employees of relevant departments and students in order to get acquainted with the issues of concern to students, listen to proposals for solving existing problems and achieve a better solution.

Opening the event, the head of the Academy, Major General Gulu Novruzov, spoke in detail about the various activities carried out in order to train highly qualified professionals at the Academy in recent years. Gulu Novruzov stressed that ensuring the satisfaction of students with the activities of the Academy is one of the main priorities. Noting the importance of educating students in the spirit of patriotism, in connection with national moral values, the head of the Academy recommended young people to do their best for the development of our country and mobilize all their efforts in this direction.

Following the event, students' problems and suggestions on the organization of the educational process, assessment, examination process, exchange programs and other issues in the current semester were heard and their questions were answered in detail by the structural  departments of the Academy.

In the end, the head of the Academy gave relevant instructions to the executives to promptly investigate the received proposals and comments and take relevant measures.