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The "Enactus" team of the Academy took the II place

The "Enactus" team of the Academy took the II place

The "Enactus" team of Azerbaijan Customs Academy took the II place with the "KhariSell" project prepared for the online national championship that was held among 18 universities on April 17-18, 2021 within the framework of the "Enactus Azerbaijan Spring School" of "Enactus Azerbaijan" program. The championship was organized with the financial support of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and in partnership with the Union of Student Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan. 

The team of the Customs Academy took the name "KhariSell" from khari-bulbul. The goal is to promote and popularize national and cultural values as citizens of the victorious country. The project will teach creative women from Karabakh to weave carpets and sell their handicrafts. Thus, Karabakh carpets will be sold both domestically and abroad, which will allow the promotion of our culture.

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