Bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed with the Ukraine Customs and Finance University

Bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed with the Ukraine Customs and Finance University

Azerbaijan Customs Academy and the Ukrainian Customs and Finance University (UCF) have signed a bilateral cooperation agreement.

Rector of the Customs Academy, Gulu Novruzov, Deputy Rector for Training and Innovations, Ramiz Humbatov, Manager of International Cooperation, Elvin Mejidov, Senior Specialist of THE Lifelong Learning Department, Sevinj Aliyeva and the Head of Department of Specialty Subjects, Elvin Alirzayev; from UCF, Rector, Dmytro Bocharov, First Vice-Rector, Head of Academic Board, Viktor Chentsov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Yevgen Garmash and Head of International Relations Department, Vitalii Razzhyvin attended the online event.

In his opening speech, Gulu Novruzov greeted the participants and informed them about the Academy. He spoke about the wide and mutually beneficial relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, especially in the field of education. Gulu Novruzov noted that the cooperation agreement will create a special partnership between the two countries on Customs training. He also said that Azerbaijan and Ukraine, based on the norms and principles of international law, support and respect each other's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and inviolability of internationally recognized borders. Stating that a new era has begun for Azerbaijan as a result of the glorious victory of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev in the 44-day war for the liberation of Azerbaijani lands, the rector spoke about the importance of strengthening the capacity and professional training of Customs personnel. Ramiz Humbatov, Deputy Head of the Academy, noted the importance of the joint activities specified in the cooperation agreement and the ongoing bilateral projects that will serve to strengthen higher education, research, including human resources in the field of Customs. He said that Azerbaijan's national victory in the Second Karabakh War created new opportunities and challenges for higher education as a whole.

Rector of UCF, Dmitry Bocharov said that Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations are at a high level. He noted the establishment of a new partnership direction in Customs education and training in bilateral academic cooperation. Vice rectors Viktor Chentsov and Yevgen Garmash expressed their satisfaction with the established partnership.

Speaking about the international cooperation and projects of the Academy and UCF, Elvin Mejidov and Vitaly Razzhvin expressed their views on the activities to be carried out under the bilateral agreement, as well as other forms of partnership. They stressed the importance of mutual support and joint projects between higher education institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Vitaly Razzhvin noted the importance of partnership with the Academy among the priorities of UCF in international relations.

The specialist from the UCF and Sevinj Aliyeva made presentations about the teaching process, programs, opportunities, as well as the training and capacity building activities for the Customs services of Azerbaijan and Ukraine. They also highlighted the missions, values, functions, potential and capabilities of both institutions.