Defense of graduation works has started at the Customs Academy

Defense of graduation works has started at the Customs Academy

The defense of the final state attestation – the defense of graduation work of IV year students has started at the Academy of the State Customs Committee. In the 2022/2023 academic year, a group of students of "Economics" and "Information Security" majors, who completed their studies at the bachelor's level, defended their graduation theses. 

The Chairman of the State Attestation Commission for the "Economics" specialty, vice-rector for Scientific Affairs of Baku Engineering University, the PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Elchin Suleymanov, the chairman of the State Attestation Commission for the "Information Security" specialty, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Engineering of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, PhD in Mathematical Physics Yashar Hajiyev and the authorities of the State Customs Committee, as well as other higher educational institutions, participated in the defense process.

The Head of the Academy, Major General of the Customs Service, Gulu Novruzov, who delivered the opening speech in defense procedure, welcomed the commission staff and informed about the defense process and wished success to the work of the Commission.

The chairpersons of the commission also spoke and conveyed their good wishes to the students participating in the defense procedure.

Then, according to the subjects of the graduation works, the students demonstrated the presentations which included research and analysis in various fields to the State Attestation Commission, and answered questions of the commission.

It should be noted that, in the 2022/2023 academic year, the defense of graduation theses of graduates of the Academy in "Law", "Economics" and "Information security" majors in the bachelor degree level , and "International economic law" and "Customs work" specializations at the master's degree level will be held.